The Transition to Reality

What many people who graduate from college don’t realize is how important the transition to reality, the reality beyond the college bubble, actually is. Whether we like to admit it or not, we are all scared that we’re not going to end up where we ultimately want to be. And the reality is that all of us feel that way at some point in our lives. We doubt our abilities, question our motives, and reevaluate our path to success. No one likes to talk about it, or even attempt to fathom this bit of insecurity that surrounds our mind. We just live, without addressing what we ultimately want to.

Humans are engrained with a sense of purpose, a sense of self that is filled often times with fleeting things such as material items and social media. We crave attention, love, and validation no matter how we were raised, who we surround ourselves with, or what profession we enter into. To some degree, all of us want something we can’t have, crave a greater good, and want to seek something more than what we’ve been given (no matter how little or how much). It is rare to find a person who is perfectly grateful for what they have, nothing more, nothing less. In a society governed by electronic connections and free-lance commitment, it is difficult to find yourself when everything around you is constantly moving. How can we learn what’s concrete when all we believe in, see, and experience is constantly changing?

We, as individuals and as a society, need to be concrete in what we know, what we love, and what we hold dear in order to find the ends to our means. What we don’t realize is that when everything keeps moving, what will stay the same?